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Early Beginnings



I began Just Devine in Fall 2016, with a passion for perfect pickles and a desire to share that passion with others!

 A little about how I got started…

In 2014 my son was born. I took a year off from working and  stayed home to raise him while my husband worked outside of the house. Some time later, my son was diagnosed with Autism. I needed to return to work but also needed to be able to stay home for his various therapies throughout the week. I needed the flexibility working for yourself offered so in 2016 I decided to take a big leap and turn my hobby into my business!

I’ve loved pickles since I was a kid and grew up eating big brand, store bought pickles. As an adult, I started to question what was in the food that I ate. Most store bought pickles were full of food coloring and words I couldn’t pronounce. I started making my own cold-pack pickles and never went back to cooked pickles off the shelf.

Thanks for visiting!
-Jessica Wagner

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